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The type of device you have e.g Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Dial *#06# from your device. You'll see your 15 digit IMEI number displayed on your screen.

NOTE: If more than 2 weeks has passed since the purchase date you are NOT eligible for registration as your registration period has now expired

An photo of the IMEI number showing on the phone screen or of the device serial on the box. If you don't have another phone to take the photo, please screenshot your IMEI # and submit a photo of your device with the Screen Protector applied in the mirror.

Please upload a copy of the receipt either in .pdf or image (.jpg / .png) format. If you're registering the Impact Zero case & Screen Protector ensure both receipts are included.

To ensure the products registered are being used on the allocated device. A photo of the device with the screen protector / and or case applied are required.

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